To enable is to

Why enable.church?

To see it grow! Technology can help us communicate, organise, simplify, and make efficient many things the church does. My desire is to give churches the means to use technology to make their mission possible.

Enabling churches & charities to use technology and design, to help Jesus' Kingdom advance.


I can support...

your identity & design


Exciting new kids work?

A logo, banners, or illustration? Meet Billy Blaze, a character created for Jubilee Church kids work!


Devotions or discipleship resources?

I can help you design your own booklets, flyers, posters, or banners... 40 Days of Prayer?


Welcome and hospitality teams?

Need some new t-shirts / lanyards to help vistors and members recognise your staff team or kids workers?

What's possible?

What you want to make possible is where I start. Whether it's a compelling and effective new website, promoting your church or ministries on social media, using video conferencing, streaming services, implementing church management software, setting up cloud accounting systems, ensuring GDPR compliance, or setting up hardware. I can enable...

Your People

My desire is not just to advise or consult, but to enable you and your people to feel confident to use technology to make things possible. I am as interested in the people and how they feel about using technology as I am in the tech itself.

Supporting People
Your Technology

There is an array of companies that will sell you technology, and some that will advise you what technology to use, but there are few who want to work with you, and your people, to enable its effective use.

Enabling Technology
Your Operations

I have a passion for efficiency, technology not only has to work for us, but sometimes we have to adjust our processes or policies to leverage it's potential. I can help bring some clarity to church and charity operations.

Efficient Operations
How do you do it?

First I identify what you want to make possible and then advise on some technological means to make it happen. In a typical church there are some who are tech savvy and others who are not, so I want to keep things simple and set systems that are easy to navigate for everyone (with a little training).

Finally, I only feel my work is done when the tech is in place AND your people are confident using it well.

I can support...

your websites & technology

I've been designing and building websites for churches & charities since 2002. Experience with integrating tools like ChurchSuite, Mailchimp or Google Workspace into websites can help move your communications and operations to the next level. Whether it's a flexible tool like ConcreteCMS, Wordpress or even a static design you've had maintained by a trusted member of the congregation for years. I also host, maintain and manage your website once it's built, taking the worry out your hands.

More on websites

Are you taking advantage of the huge cost savings available to UK Charities? I often find that churches & charities aren't aware of all the resources available to them, or when they change how they can take advantage of new offers or migrate to more suitable solutions. These include everything from email & cloud storage services such as Google or Microsoft, software like Adobe or antivirus, and even technology purchases from the likes of Apple and HP.

More on buying stuff

Ok, so you have the best software and a host of cool new hardware...? the last thing you need is for it to sit in the cupboard. Let me help your people get on board. I've helped several churches and charities move from historical systems to newer digital tools. I can hold support sessions both online or in-person, and if it's some software I don't yet know I have experience in assimilating and understanding the manuals and converting those into clear training.

More on training
I have worked with Ben in both the church context and as part of a charity turn around. He has invaluable expertise and knowledge but with a heart to serve. He really wants to understand how the church or organisation works and provide the best solution and then help implement that solution with people with different levels of ability. He is my go-to resource for advice and help.
Sean Gubb, Jubilee Church Farnham

It doesn't stop there, I can also suport you to...

enable live-streaming, ensure policy compliance, claim gift-aid, submit charity accounts, shoot a promotional video, build a little free gospel library!

It was a pleasure to work with Ben on the creation of new branding for St. James' Church and our preschool, Little Fishes. Ben worked on multiple iterations of designs and always took into account feedback from our team. We were really happy with the final designs and Ben's work has helped to create a much more unified look, which has in turn, led to a more unified way of working.
Rev'd Russ Gant, St James' Church

Convinced yet?
Let's do something great together.

Where do I work?

I am very happy to travel locally, nationally or internationally and have clients in the UK, Portugal and the USA. I am based in Hampshire on the border with Surrey.

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Email is the best way to contact me at the outset, however you can call if you need to on 07980 019 849, I'm also on WhatsApp

Could I make it possible to enable your people to implement new systems?

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