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Benjamin H W Wills
Church Enabler, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Systems & Technology Adviser, BBQ'ing Biker was set up in 2021 following a number of years working closely with local churches as Head of Operations for a small charity that facilitated interchurch working.

The majority of this work was in the area of social action, for example a foodbank, debt advice service, bereavement support group & parenting support as well as some more missional outreach projects such as an interchurch schools work project, joint prayer & townwide mission events. During this time I found that I was often helping churches across denominations to make better use of technology they already had in place or needed to put in place, to share knowledge on current data protection legislation or to help design some flyers or promotional materials for an event or ministry.

Since I came to faith in 2008, God has placed on my heart a desire to serve His Church, as one church. Originally I thought this would be through a 'traditional' leadership style ministry and have studied and trained on a number of theological & leadership courses as well as having been an active member of a local church here in Farnham, Surrey and previously in Alton, Hampshire. However God has highlighted my skills in supporting, equipping, problem solving and bringing change for the better in recent years and it is out of this that has been born. is the ministry that I believe God has called me into, to help Him enable & support His Church to build His Kingdom here.

I believe that I can work with churches to enable you and your people to feel confident to use technology to make things possible, to free ministers to use their God given gifts and to help equip and recognise the gifts within the body of the church to use and implement technology. I seek to achieve this through relational observation, encouraging adoption of long-term efficiency, understanding of technology and bringing a level of openness and clarity to aspects of church operation that sometimes can get shrouded in mystery, or inadvertently 'owned'. To sum it up, my heart is to work with all members of a church, from leadership to visitors (where appropriate) to enable a church to grow beyond where it currently is, emerging and flourishing through freedom and release.

The values I work by...



Everything I do will be underpinned by prayer, while seeking and listening to God and discerning His will for my ministry.



I will demonstrate a servant heart, serving others well and with integrity, operating with wisdom and good judgement as I carry out my duties and responsibilities.



Integrity and honesty, will be the hallmarks of all conduct when dealing with any individual whether within or outside the churches I work with. I will value and respect others, their ideas and differences, as all are valued and loved by God, being willing to learn from and to intentionally encourage others.



I will strive to maintain an atmosphere of openness throughout the organisations I work with. Seeking to facilitate and support the Christian community to collaboratively work together in unity.



Everything I do will be able to stand the test of scrutiny and to promote the confidence of the public, the media, the Charity Commission, members, stakeholders, funders, parliament and the courts. I believe in doing all things well and am committed to working towards high standards in all I do.

  • Sep 2021 - Present

    Church Enabler / Freelance

    A Christian ministry enabling & supporting Churches to build God's Kingdom. Encouraging efficiency, leveraging technology & equipping the body. Take a look around...

  • Nov 2012 - Present

    Graphic Design, Web Development, Systems & Technology Adviser

    BHWW / Freelance

    I have worked for a number of clients over the years, from the UK's largest Microsoft licensing partner, to international clients and small local charities and churches. I started initially providing graphic and web design services, but with a good knowledge of technology, this over time changed more and more into consulting on tech and solutions, alongside the design and web development.

  • Sep 2016 - Aug 2021
    (Finance & IT to present)

    Head of Operations

    Farnham Christian Community Trust

    FCCT is a local charity working closely with local churches that facilitates inter-church working. The majority of this work is via Projects in the area of social action, for example a Trussell Trust Foodbank, Frontline Debt & Benefits Advice, a bereavement support group & parenting courses, as well as some more missional outreach projects such as an inter-church schools work project and joint prayer & town-wide mission events.

    I was originally asked to assist the trustees with a bringing the charity online and upto speed with modern principles and digital practices. I worked with the teams to digitise all the charities data and setup manageble cloud based software for volunteer / supporter & donor management, as well as cloud finances. I then proceeded to rewrite and update all the charities policies and procedures, along with marketing and raising awareness.

    During this time I found that I was often helping churches across denominations to make better use of technology they already had in place, or needed to put in place, to share knowledge on current legislation, or to help design some flyers or promotional materials for an event or ministry. My role in this towards the end was to lead the day to day operations of FCCT on behalf of the trustees, to help Project Leaders as outlined in their SLA, and facilitate unity across churches and projects in the town.

  • May 2007 - May 2012
    (Freelance until 2017)

    Senior Designer / Developer

    in2orbit Design Ltd (Farnham, Surrey)

    My experience in design and the creative industry has been ongoing over many years. Not only do I have a strong background in photography and design for web, but I also have a varied experience in designing books, publications and promotional collateral, as well as sourcing print and branded merchandise. I have managerial and administration skills which have been further developed at in2orbit.

    Working with other companies and freelancers, to manage and co-ordinate the final outcome of a project utilising available resources, has led me to build positive relationships with many individuals and organisations, although I am always keen to seek out the best solution for a specific requirement.

    With an increasing demand and scope for how one uses digital marketing to interact with our audience to bring results, accurately, effectively and in a useable manner and how this relates to more traditional methods of marketing. Working with major clients to convey a brand identity across many mediums always has its challenges but it can be aided by engaging with ones team to provide great results and 'togetherness'. With an ability to see 'the big picture', I am always striving towards this using and adapting available resources, enabling me to be a 'can do' man, there's always a way!

  • Nov 2005 - May 2007

    Managing Director / Photographer

    Punctum Photographic (Newport, South Wales)

    As a founding member of the cooperative, I was responsible for developing the business plan and structuring the way the cooperative was to function, gaining start-up funding through the KEF scheme and then managing various aspects of the day to day running of the cooperative.

    Nominated for the Welsh Cooperative Centre Award in business in 2006, I also managed and ran my own photographic business in tandem with this primarily shooting for press and corporate clients, with occasional product and portraiture commissions.

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