Your Operations

I have a passion for efficiency; technology not only has to work for us, but sometimes we have to adjust our processes or policies to leverage the potential. I can help bring some clarity to church and charity operations.

Bookings & Resources

Allocating your rooms and resources can sometimes be a timetable management headache, there are tools that can help you do this efficiently and effectively. Do you know what resources you actually have available? I can help you inventory and manage these.

Hardware & Software

Software, Hardware, Firmware, terms that can switch some people off from the start. However using and staying up-to-data with the right 'wares' to do the right jobs can make your life and that of your church volunteers so much more simple.

Expenses & Invoicing

Are your staff, volunteers and teams still submitting their expenses along with a form and stapled reciepts? That's certainly one way of doing it, but today there are a host of ways to allow your teams to do this on the fly, allowing you to monitor outgoings much more proactively.

Trustee Responsibilities

Policies, frameworks, procedures, training? Are your trustees getting the support they need, are your trustees representitive of your church family? Studies show that being clear with responsibilities, expectations & training, can encourge trustee volunteering.

Extensive Experience

I can enable your existing software, or I can advise on alternatives.

ChurchSuite will help your church be organised and effective
Apple Business Manager
Microsoft 365 resources for nonprofits
Gift Aid
Master Fader 5

Complete Operations Review

In 2016 I was bought in to assist Farnham Christian Community Trust to turn around the charity. It was due to have to close in December 2016 due to lack of funds, however after 6 months, together we had significantly reduced outgoings, and restructured the systems to extend this closure forecast to 2021. Over the course of the next 5 years I worked closely with FCCT, reviewing policies, charity structures, processes & procedures. It is now 2023 and the charity is a thriving dynamic organisation running a Foodbank, Debt Advice Centre, Bereavement Support, Schools Work & Inter-church Missions, among other projects.

Some tasks undertaken while reviewing operations & finance systems included:

  • Migrate accounts from spreadsheets and paper to a cloud finance solution
  • Oversee the migration of payroll and tax functions, from a third party provider
  • Review and implement a digital system for expenses, introducing expense cards for employees and volunteers
  • Simplify the reporting of designated and restricted funds for trustees & projects
  • Implement tools to allow for online giving and fundraising
  • Manage and submit Gift Aid claims linking charity finance and online giving systems
  • Work with the charity treasurer to create annual charity accounts
  • Assist with successful grant funding applications
  • Create and implement project Service Level Agreements
  • Employment contract reviews and updates
  • Rental agreements, licenses, leases & utilities management / review
  • To ensure staff, volunteer & trustee handbooks and policy documents are up to date and compliant with current best practice
  • Set-up and implement cloud data storage, migrate and save data, ensure Data Protection compliance
  • To provide IT support and training as required
  • Build and maintain internal charity websites, social media profiles & communication design
  • Design marketing materials as required
  • Edit and produce, and on occasion shoot, promotional video materials
  • Support and coordinate inter-church events such as family prayer events & town-wide missions
I have worked with Ben in both the church context and as part of a charity turn around. He has invaluable expertise and knowledge but with a heart to serve. He really wants to understand how the church or organisation works and provide the best solution and then help implement that solution with people with different levels of ability. He is my go-to resource for advice and help.
Sean Gubb, Jubilee Church Farnham

Could I provide the means to enable your church to solve technological challenges?

If so get in touch so we can find a time to discuss why, what & how...