Training should always be at the heart of introducing new software, it should be part of the plan not an after thought. That's why I can support you to train your people whenever new tools and software are introduced. I only feel my work is done when the tech is in place AND your people are confident using it well.

Training Your Administrators

Your administrators are likely to be the first port of call for most people with an IT problem.

It's essential they understand and can champion whatever tools are introduced. If your admin team are on board and passionate about the tech, there is a high chance your church soon will be.

  • In-person 1-2-1 Training
  • How2 Reference Documents
  • Tailored Bespoke Video Guides
  • Bespoke Support & Guidance

Training Your Key Stakeholders

When you start to roll out new tools, giving your key stakeholders a clear understanding of the purpose and benefits of new software or hardware will greatly improve engagement.

  • Group Training Sessions
  • Online System Demos & Training
  • Bespoke Q&A Seminars
  • Responsive Email & Video Support

Training Your Members & Volunteers

Your members & volunteers time is also incredibly precious, so I can enable you to get them up to speed on new software quickly and efficiently. Making it possible for time to be spent using the right tools to facilitate your mission, rather than spending time struggling to understand a new system.

  • Bespoke Reference Documents
  • Bespoke Video Training
  • Seminar Style Training & Q&A
  • Combined Training Solutions
Microsoft 365 resources for nonprofits
Google Workspace for Nonprofits
Worship Tools
Concrete CMS
Master Fader 5

Could I make it possible to enable your church to implement new systems?

If so get in touch so we can find a time to discuss why, what & how...